The 1980s

Sally & Richard in the 1980s

By the 1980s we had a well established library of photographs exploring these areas. We continued to travel and enjoyed the delights of raising a young family, Richard made three more trips to China and Sally one. In 1989 our son Sam joined Richard when he went to document the Tien an Men demonstrations and the unhappy end to them. It was now Sally who took on the main photographic role while Richard concentrated on writing a suite of computer programmes which put barcodes on every print and transparency, tracked returns and generated invoices. But we were still in the world of black and white photography and Kaye Mayers joined us to print and run our darkroom. She stayed for many years and we still have photos of hers in our collection. Sally Greenhill’s photographs of punks on the street were eventually published as postcards by Acme — a nice little earner for many years.

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Photos from the Greenhill Photo Library can be licensed at Alamy, or get in contact via email.